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Sketchy Update 1.2.1

Postby mhavlovick » Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:58 am

The Raspberry Pi 3 is fast enough now where it started affecting the timing of the stepper motor controllers. Added some delays for the transitions on the Step Pins (that should have probably been there anyway).

**** Important ***

This update should only be applied to the Sketchy 1.2.0 image that supports the Raspberry Pi 3 and runs the Jessie Lite OS. This updated image and instructions on how to download it are in this post:

How to update:

1. Download Sketchy.jar attachment on this Post.
2. Start your QuickDraw.
3. Go to the Advanced/Upgrade Software Tab
4. Click "Choose File" and select the Sketchy.jar file you downloaded in Step #1
5. Once uploaded, click "Upgrade Software"
6. After the upgrade is complete, click "Reboot Raspberry PI" and wait for it to restart and you should now be using the new Software Version


Sketchy Version 1.2.1
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