Sketchy 1.2.0 SDCard Image File

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Sketchy 1.2.0 SDCard Image File

Postby mhavlovick » Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:23 am

The following are instructions on how to reinstall or create a new SD Card with the QuickDraw software (Sketchy Version 1.2.0)

A minimum 4Gb SD Card is required, but we recommend at least an 8Gb SD Card.

Note: This image is the new Jessie-Lite OS for the Raspberry PI. Due to some changes with the WiFi network configuration, any Sketchy Version at or above 1.2.0 needs to first install this image.

1. Download the Image file from: (Around 1.6 Gigabytes)
2. Unzip the image file
3. If using Windows, download the "Win32 Disk imager" to flash the card:

Notes: Make sure you write the image to the correct drive!!

Use the information here to help with specific details on how to write the image to your sdcard:


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