Connecting to your QuickDraw (Raspberry PI)

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Connecting to your QuickDraw (Raspberry PI)

Postby mhavlovick » Mon May 29, 2017 1:08 am

*** Before powering up your QuickDraw, ensure that the Pen and both motor connectors are properly connected ***

There are 3 main ways to connect to your QuickDraw

Wired Network Connection

The recommended method to connect to your QuickDraw is by connecting it to your home network router/switch using an Ethernet network cable. Once connected to your network, power up the QuickDraw and wait a couple of minutes for it to boot up. After it has started up, your network router should assign an IP address to the Raspberry PI running the QuickDraw Software (called "Sketchy").

Depending on your network and other factors, it can take up to 2 minutes for the Raspberry PI to boot up, so be patient and don't try to restart it too quickly.

In some instances, depending on your network/device, your device/browser may be able to connect to the QuickDraw using it's default hostname "quickdraw" by going to: http://quickdraw/ and/or: http://quickdraw.local/

If neither of these URLs work, then the trick is determining what IP Address is assigned to the Raspberry PI. Once you find out the IP Address, then you can connect using it with: http://<IP Address>/ for example:

Also, keep in mind that the Raspberry PI may be given a new IP Address every time it is rebooted. There are ways to make it more permanent, but that is beyond the scope of this Post.

There are 3 main ways to determine the IP Address for your QuickDraw:

1. Login to your router to check the list of devices attached to it. Helpful Links: ... ... ed-network

2. Use a network discovery tool that displays all the devices (look for "quickdraw") on your network. Helpful Links: ...
Fing Network Discovery Tool: (FYI.. Mobile version works great!)

3. Attach a monitor and keyboard to your Raspberry PI to login to it to find out your IP Address. The default user is "pi" and the default password is "raspberry". Helpful Links: ... ... ip-address

Wireless Connection

Another option to connect to your QuickDraw is by attaching a USB wireless adapter. You must first, however connect to the QuickDraw first in order to setup the SSID and password for your wireless network.

After connecting to the QuickDraw and loading up the "Sketchy" web screen, navigate to the "Advanced"/"Network Setup" page and enter your wireless network SSID and Password. Click "Save Network Settings" and then "Reboot Raspberry PI". You should now be able to disconnect the network cable and now connect to the QuickDraw wireless.

Note: the IP Address will most likely have changed you may have to figure out the new IP Address again.

Direct connection to your QuickDraw

The last and least recommended way to connect to your QuickDraw is by a direct network connection. Following will be a list of links that can help you connect directly to your Raspberry PI if that is something you want to try: ... -PC-and-R/
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