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Check out our latest videos of the QuickDraw: 

Printing motor mounts for QuickDraw kits we plan on selling at Maker Faire next month in San Mateo! Printing on my modified Printrbot. All done with ABS.

Proof that nothing can beat a solenoid for speed. Can draw up to 20+ dots per second. This allows for detailed dithered images.

Tiger Time lapse - Seems funny to time lapse a drawing that only took 13 minutes to draw. This drawing was with a sharpie at .4mm resolution on 12 inch wide paper. Quite a few pen lifts on this one, but still ran fast.

Time Lapse Pirate Ship - QuickDraw time lapse drawing a pirate ship. Drawn with a ball point pen at .15 mm resolution. Printed on 12 inch wide paper in 37 mins.

QuickDraw - Tiger. Finishing up a ball point pen drawing of tiger and the QuickDraw logo. This one turned out really good. The whole thing drawn in just over an hour.

Fabulous Fairy drawing we rendered our image from is credited to the artist Zindy
Check out her drawings HERE .

Do I hear a theme song coming on?  This is the kind of thing that happens when you are around the QuickDraw ;)

Our First day with the Solenoid running well!  Yay!

QuickDraw Bot on KATU 2 Portland News Mini Maker Faire 2014 Portland OR (My quick phone recording of QuickDraw being shown on KATU 2 Portland's news Sat Sept 13!)

QuickDraw at Portland's Mini Maker Faire 2014 @ OMSI

NEW! QuickDraw's first run at the "Scratch Paper" - etching pictures